Basileia VINEYARD    

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​It's not enough to say we believe Jesus' words, We have to do it !

​KINGDOM STUFF ~ What stuff?  Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God, Healing the sick, setting captives free, DOING LIKE JESUS !.

KINGDOM ~~ Allowing God to rule and reign through us.

Not all theologians are in agreement as to the Kingdom’s presence today with miraculous occurrences. Barriers exist and have been taught since the church formed. Some exclude, others inhibit, or prevent God’s Kingdom presence from occurring.

The end of the age has come and is still coming and will come more and more until it comes completely in the end. If we embrace the words of Jesus, model Him, go like the disciples did, announcing his Kingdom, proclaiming its presence, expecting the Holy Spirit to provide the power with authority, Jesus’ ministry will continue.

The subject of the Kingdom with its implications is of the utmost importance, and the foundation for continuing the Ministry of Christ until his return. John Wimber once said and I agree “you need to have both good experiences and good theology” with God. Incarnating the Kingdom is not only possible today but required if we are to see the consummation of his Kingdom.